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In the U.S. the word tomato is pronounced with a long a, like Fonzie delivering his trademark, “Ayyy.” In England, it’s more of an aww sound like the noise you make when watching kitten videos. When English language learners learn the word they pronounce it as “tomayto” or “tomahto”—except for one toddler has devised an entirely new way to say it.

In a video shared on TikTok by user @350snake, a little learner is taught how to pronounce the word. She carefully follows instructions to say “toe-may-toe” and then proudly and confidently delivers the full word—which is definitely not tomato. After the extremely endearing attempt was posted, the little tyke’s impressively incorrect pronunciation has gone viral with over four million views.

Now other TikTok users are getting in on the fun, posting their own videos attempting to be as adorable as the little girl in the original. Over 14,700 people have posted videos as they lip sync along with the tomato pronouncing tutorial ending with their own cute, yet wrong, pronunciation turning the sweet video into the next TikTok trend.

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