Meryl Streep Has Fries Delivered to Movie Set Like the Champion She Is

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Whether you’re a mere mortal enjoying a snack, an aspiring artist hankering for something savory to snack on, or a celebrated actress on the set of one of the season’s most anticipated films, sometimes you just really need French fries.

Florence Pugh, who stars as Amy March in Greta Gerwig’s Little Women, stopped by The Late Show on Tuesday and host Stephen Colbert asked her if she was intimidated at all by acting along side Streep. “I wouldn’t say I was scared of her,” Pugh said, “But she is a legendary woman.” To prove that legendary status, Pugh, who also starred in Midsommar, shared a story about Streep living her best life on set.

“We were shooting this scene in a Boston park and it was a scene that was set in Paris and we were in this carriage and we were both wearing these massive hoop skirts,” Pugh told Colbert. As the actresses sat out in the cold air as the set and horses were readied for them, they were getting chilled and bored. “I remember it was cold and she was like, ‘I would just kill for some fries right now,’” Pugh said. What Streep wants, Streep gets. According to Pugh within ten minutes, an out-of-breath production assistant appeared outside the carriage, gasping for air and holding out a bag of Wendy’s french fries to sate Streep’s craving. “That’s when you know you’ve made it in show business, when you have your own fry wrangler,” Colbert quipped. As if there was any doubt that Streep has made it in Hollywood.

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