This Is What You Call Going to Great Lengths to Win Halloween

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When it comes to Halloween, each year there are new people who find a way to go above and beyond celebrating spooky season. From scarily accurate costumes to over-the-top decoration displays, Halloween enthusiasts are continually taking things to the next level. And with Halloween 2019 only a little over a week away, this year’s October efforts are swiftly ramping up.

After Facebook user RJ Preston shared a video on Sunday of a pumpkin he decorated to look like popular Pokémon Gastly, the post quickly began making the online rounds. As is true of the dual-type ghost and poison Pokemon in the franchise, the jack-o’-lantern is painted to look like a black ball of gas with glowing eyes and a toothy grin. The pumpkin is even spewing purple smoke to create Gastly’s signature surrounding purple haze.

“A wild Gastly appeared,” Preston captioned the now-viral post, which has been shared over 40,000 times and liked nearly 7,000.

See the full Pokemon pumpkin video below.

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