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Of Course Game of Thrones’ Most Eventful Episode Yet Had the Best Memes

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Warning: This post contains spoilers for season seven of Game of Thrones.

Sunday night’s Game of Thrones reunion special was exploding with action.

Arya and Sansa finally reunited, Bran Stark and Littlefinger had an appropriately cryptic conversation and Jon Snow took Daenerys to a cave-like situation, but for war purposes. In “The Spoils of War,” Dany rode in on her Lannister army-barbecuing dragon for a truly epic curtain-dropping battle. And the story introduced a new fan-favorite character: Dickon Tarly. As always, the internet quickly turned the episode’s most significant — and hilarious moments into memes.

Here were the absolute best jokes of the night.

Poor Jaime has so many problems:

Littlefinger pretending he cares about Bran, who is all “right, sure:”

Arya is home! Starks are together!

Emo Jon Snow:

The way Jon Snow produced the conveniently ominous receipts by showing Dany those cave drawings:

Dany’s ultimatum:

Bran’s casual reaction to Meera’s departure:

Jon’s return to a cave with a woman:

Dany and Missandei having some girl talk:

Team Targaryen assembled in goth getup looked a lot like a band:

Out of all the Starks, Sansa had a practical but perhaps less cool priority:

Brienne v. Arya is the badass fight we didn’t know we needed:

The episode gifted us with the perfect GIF:

Davos sees all:

Theon and Jon meeting again: It’s on.

Jaime v. Dany and her dragon:

But the real MVP had to be Bronn who came through with jokes and the rescue:

The passage of time was marked by the size of the Dracarys.

When Dracarys hit the scene, it was mind-blowing:

Olenna Tyrell (RIP) was invoked numerous times:

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