A collaborative vision highlighting the female voice in the world of innovation by Los Angeles-based Bionic Artist and Futurist Viktoria Modesta with the world’s leading female VFX artists: Katie McIntyre and Nina Hawkins of Lillum Labs.

Viktoria Modesta is a British artist whose work combines music, body art and sculptural tech-fashion. Her work frequently challenges the sense of self and its connection to the body. She has toured the globe as both a performing artist and a keynote speaker.

Artist Statement


Enter domain of all creation

A vision of the future bridging wisdom of the past.

Where strength is immaterial, and force resembles water

In its reflection all serenity yields power.


Ascension of the feminine divine, awakened


It runs through you

All forms are one

You are the interface

Your creations serve a purpose

It has begun

This speculative futures scene births VM’s virtual identity — an avatar designed by Nina at Lillium Labs—reflecting on their moment of creation and their larger purpose in the metaverse. What can we learn from this visual representation of our split experience? Physical and digital augmentation pushes us further to question the essence of our identity in this increasingly tangible dimension of digital reality.

Standing in a serene womb-like virtual oasis designed by Katie McIntyre, representing a shift of values that define power, bringing nurture and connection with the body, our planet, and wellbeing into the space of innovation in science and technology. An opportunity to rediscover a different nature of control, affirming the importance of inclusion, a chance to heal and fill the void of women’s voice within the leadership landscape.

Can the introduction of the feminist lens to futurism evolve a less destructive path of creation and evolve the language of design with an intention of symbiosis?

Viktoria has spent a lifetime researching the boundaries of human identity, reimagining the physical body while trying to understand the connection of this other ‘self’ – the emotional body, the spiritual body, the virtual body – all of whom form a larger construct of what becoming Future Human is.

Digital fashion and prosthetics by Katie McIntyre, Ica & Kostika, and Anouk Wipprecht.

About the Artists

Viktoria Modesta is a bionic pop artist, creative director and futurist. Her work combines music, body art, sculptural tech-fashion & an otherworldly narrative. Viktoria changed the world’s perspective on post-disability when she performed as the Snow Queen during the closing ceremony of Paralympics 2012, wearing a diamond-encrusted prosthetic. She followed up with the iconic, viral hit video “Prototype” with Channel4 which introduced her as the ‘world’s first bionic pop artist’ and has been seen by hundreds of millions of people across the globe. Viktoria has established herself as a leader and connector in the post-disability community—bridging art, culture, academia, and medicine in hyper collaborative multimedia productions. She’s been a Fellow at the MIT Media Lab, headlined a sold-out run of shows at the famous Crazy Horse cabaret in Paris, represented global brands like Rolls Royce and Snap, & toured the globe as both a performing artist and a keynote speaker. Viktoria’s creative practice is expanding into all forms of physical & virtual augmentation, bridging art & activism with emerging technologies.

Katie McIntyre is an innovative VFX artist, Creative Director & Virtual Fashion Designer. Her work focuses on creating a groundbreaking feminine visual language using VFX. She has created work for major music artists including Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, Normani & Lizzo. She graduated from The Rhode Island School of Design and worked as a designer at Google Creative Lab and as an Art Director at Apple.

Nina Hawkins aka Ninocence is a Russian/Vietnamese multimedia artist with over 10 years of experience in photography, creative direction, modeling, styling & filmmaking working with global clients such as Amazon Music, Mercedes-Benz, Rick Ross. She brings her wide range of skills and editorial gaze into the world of 3D design specializing in advanced virtual being creation at her avatar agency Lilium Labs.

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