Yvette Hammond is a New York-born photographer and digital artist currently living in Los Angeles where her artistic practice includes still-life photography, stop motion and 3D animation.

Artist Statement

Title: Growth

Technological development has brought us to where we are, for better or for worse. As we hurtle into the future it has become painfully clear that we must use our resourcefulness for the advancement and preservation of our natural environment. No existence is possible unless the symbiotic relationship between human life and the earth becomes our collective priority.

The destructive effects of industrial expansion on the climate are undeniable. If future generations are to survive, innovation must be directed towards the reparation of past mistakes and the adoption of practices that further sustainable growth. If ingenuity were geared towards developing equitable and humane solutions for sustaining life and we think in long term vs short term gains there is a possibility that we can create a thriving ecosystem.

There is a beautiful relationship between science and nature. Between technology and conservation. No future can be had without accepting our dependence on the natural world and making the necessary advancements to ensure that it flourishes. My work explores and celebrates the relationships upon which we are dependent, the essential elements of life and progress.

About the Artist

Yvette Hammond is a photographer and CG artist. Originally from New York but raised in Paris, she studied sociology and film at the City of Westminster College London and photography at the University of Hawai’i. She currently resides in Los Angeles where she specialises in still life, stop motion and 3d rendered animation.

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