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Western Pennsylvania has always been a region that creates its own future. Now Pittsburgh is leading humanity into the next phase of space exploration. Under the vision of CEO John Thornton, Astrobotic is building the Peregrine lander, slated to be the first U.S. spacecraft to touch down on the moon’s surface in almost 50 years. Astrobotic’s lander, which was designed and built in the company’s headquarters in Pittsburgh, will carry instruments, experiments, and mini-rovers to the moon, and is a crucial part of the vision of establishing a long-term lunar presence. It is expected to deliver its first commercial payload on the moon’s surface later this year. It’s an ambitious goal that I have no doubt could only be accomplished with the Steel City’s world-class workforce and institutions. To inspire the next generation of scientists, engineers, and astronauts, Astrobotic is also opening up their headquarters as an aerospace museum where people can see the future of space for themselves. John Thornton and Astrobotic embody the very best of Pittsburgh; it’s only fitting they’ll lead humankind into our next chapter.

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