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Is this where I get to talk about my obsession with Simone Ashley? Great, because I have nothing but love for her. The way Simone delivers confidence onscreen—not only as a South Asian woman, but just as an actor—was so empowering to see in Bridgerton. She has such an impressive range, I feel she’s one of those actors you can put in any scene and she’ll make it her own and steal the show. That alone makes me extraordinarily excited for the rest of her career. When we met at a Netflix shindig, we immediately connected and that budded into a friendship that is still growing. She’s already in the perfect position to make major moves, but if she were ever to ask me for advice, I would tell her to continue searching for projects that excite her and motivate her. Simone is exactly the person to push the boundaries and take representation to a whole new level. I will be cheering her on!

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