Peter Yang—AUGUST

Asia Kate Dillon

The first time I met Asia Kate Dillon was also the first time I was ever asked about my preferred pronouns. It was a simple question, intended to make me feel as comfortable as possible. By the simple act of sharing our pronouns, we affirmed to each other how we saw ourselves, and how we wished the world would see us too.

Asia challenges what we think we know of femininity and masculinity. Through their work, Asia has carved out a new space for other nonbinary characters on television. It wasn’t enough to make space on shows like Billions: they are also committed to using their platform to amplify the voices (and stories) of others. To me, this speaks to their integrity.

Asia is a role model to anyone who has ever felt different. They have shown me that when we show the world who we really are is when we truly soar. They make raising others up with them a priority.

Rippon is an Olympic bronze-medal-winning figure skater

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