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Henry Golding

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The first time I met Henry Golding, I was so delighted that Jon M. Chu, the director of Crazy Rich Asians, had found me the “perfect son.” It was Henry’s first feature film of any type, and to walk into a major production and deliver such an essential performance immediately showed that this man was going to be a force.

His ethnicity, his background and his success reflect the inevitable—that we are all one race, one global culture, and we will soon no longer have to talk about controversies surrounding representation. I am proud of his push for Asian representation.

We had no idea if Crazy Rich Asians would be well-received or not. Fast forward two years and we’re working together on another film, with Henry again in a leading role. This time, though, we’re both playing characters that weren’t specifically written for someone of Asian descent.

I feel very fortunate to know such an incredible man who’s never lost sight of where he came from.

Yeoh stars alongside Golding in Last Christmas

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