Nat Turner and Zach Weinberg

Nat-Turner-Zach-Weinberg-TIME-100-Next Matt Furman 

Legions of entrepreneurs subscribe to Mark Zuckerberg’s onetime motto, “Move fast and break things.” Nat Turner, who in 2012 co-founded Flatiron Health with college buddy and business partner Zach Weinberg, is not among them. “That,” he says, “doesn’t work in our world”—the convoluted system of cancer research, which the startup is trying to streamline. But Turner isn’t willing to sacrifice the time it takes to do it right. Using de-identified data plucked from millions of medical records, Flatiron’s software helps researchers track which cancer treatments—at which doses, delivered at which times—work for which patients. But even with all that processing power, “It’s going to take a while,” Turner says. The medical community doesn’t seem to mind. In 2016, Flatiron partnered with the Food and Drug Administration to improve drug research, and in 2018, pharmaceutical giant Roche purchased the company for almost $2 billion. —Jamie Ducharme

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