Beanie Feldstein

Erik Carter 

Singular. That word comes up a lot when describing Beanie Feldstein, whom I had the pleasure of directing in Booksmart. There’s truly no one else like her. A flurry of dichotomies. Who else is that earnest and irreverent? So prepared and yet so present? Such a strong physical comedian and a subtle dramatic actor? As Beanie herself would undoubtedly say, “Who gave her permission?!” It gives you hope to meet someone so funny and yet completely vulnerable. She is the kind of person who holds both your shoulders and looks deep into your eyes when she asks you how you are. At first, it terrified me. She can see my soul! Better than I can! She’s intimidating in the way a kid can be, because they have a nose for truth and a powerful aversion to bullsh-t. Beanie is allergic to inauthenticity. And cats. Both will end your relationship with her, which would be a real shame because she is singularly lovely.

Wilde is an actor and the director of Booksmart

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