Joshua Roberts—Bloomberg/Getty Images

Kyrsten Sinema

Between her service to Arizona and the country, and her athletic achievements in Ironman competitions, Senator Kyrsten Sinema is always moving forward, fast.

Kyrsten comes from humble roots and a family that struggled to make ends meet. At each step in her life and career, she stared down long odds and overcame them with the fierce determination of someone who earned every opportunity she received.

She began her public service as a social worker. That helped shape Kyrsten into a rarity these days—a public servant focused on the work, not the noise. She represents Arizona in exactly the way she promised she would.

Kyrsten is fiercely independent. She is dedicated to making health care affordable and to serving our veterans, and laser-focused on things that keep families up at night. She works hard to create more opportunities for those families.

Senator Sinema leads with Arizona as her compass and gets things done for everyday Americans.

Kelly, a Democrat, is a former astronaut, Navy captain and a candidate for the U.S. Senate from Arizona

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