Matt Winkelmeyer—MTV/Getty Images

Mj Rodriguez

There is something really special about Mj Rodriguez: the sound of her voice, the way she physically embodies a character, how she remains open about her experiences. From the time we met, it was clear to me that she was just overloaded with talent. And, as seen on Pose, where she plays house mother Blanca, she also has that It factor: you can’t help but fall in love with her. Despite challenges, Mj has not allowed her talent to be dimmed. Her heart is on her sleeve and that’s what makes her a brilliant artist—she’s always willing to be open and vulnerable, and expose her heart. There are not a lot of people who can sing and dance and act as well as Mj does all these things, but she also has the capacity to bring something so deep and truthful to a work, which needs to be honored and celebrated. Mj is blazing a trail that the world doesn’t yet fully comprehend, but time will show that she is truly a force of nature.

Cox is an Emmy-nominated actor, activist and producer

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