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Lilly Singh

When Lilly Singh announced in March that she was getting her own NBC late-night show, the first thing I thought was ... Oh God, it’s not my show, is it?

But Lilly’s new gig is all hers—and she earned the hell out of it. I’ve been her fan for years, and I’m always amazed by how hard she works. She built an empire before she was 30 years old! That doesn’t happen without hustle. And even better, she did it by being herself. You don’t rack up millions of fans all over the world without being someone people can relate to. And people can tell Lilly’s real. That’s how she’s built the incredible brand she already has, and that’s just one of a hundred reasons why she makes a great talk-show host.

As one of the 17 Jimmys currently hosting a late-night show, I’m so excited we’re finally adding a Superwoman to the lineup. And for God’s sake, people. It’s about time.

Fallon is the host of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

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