Simpler Times by Oveck Reyes

Artist Statement

Title: Simpler Times

Year: 1978

In 1978 there was a spike in technology, from Computer Society to The Test-Tube Baby, that was just the beginning of some exciting years. But was it for the better? Yes in some cases. 43 years have passed and technology changed the world we live in, yet some people are still unaware of smartphones and self-driving cars and live simpler lives.


I’m a multidisciplinary artist based in New York City.

My career began as a musician years ago in the Dominican Republic where I was born and continued when I moved to the US in 1996 which gave me the opportunity of performing in some of the most legendary venues in NYC, Chicago, Washington & Miami Beach and others. my music genre was Rock N roll.

In 2007 I fell in love with photography while working at a photo studio, sorting through negatives and retouching pictures, which exposed me to many photographers and their techniques, It was then when I had the Aha moment and the love for photography began. Over time I started experimenting with artistic portraits; using photoshop and in-camera. I developed a distinct look on my work adding motion blur, specially on portraits which gave it a psychedelic and painterly look and a sense of movement, as well as playing with lights and shadows. The color palette I started using on my photos resonated with one of my favorite times in the history of art “The Baroque Movement.”

Years ago me and a group of photographers from NYC made it to ourselves to build a community of artists back in 2012 and IG was the platform we used the most for years. I started to travel to many countries on photography assignments, documenting culture and stunning landscapes which opened my mind even further and the desire of doing more with my art. My work attracted the eyes of clients like Sony, Amex, tourism boards and a large following on Instagram being featured and suggested on different occasions.

In 2016 Sony invited me to be an ambassador for their brand as a photographer which gave me a prestigious status in the industry, 6 years later and I am still signed to them. I continued to develop my skills and transition to traditional painting and digital painting as well as animation where I found a new world of possibilities. One thing to mention is that my painting came from a situation where I had my right eye’s vision obstructed by an infection that damaged my retina permanently and painting was a way to challenge myself and take away the anxiety of the situation.

I’ve minted a variety of works on different platforms from SuperRare to Foundation, OpenSea to MakersPlace and KnownOrigin as well as physical exhibitions in galleries and museums. I’ve been very fortunate and had plenty of success in the NFT space, selling multiple pieces to very prestigious art collectors from all over the world. My pieces have sold for a range between $7,000 to $43,000 US.

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