Bridging Science & Spirituality by Yulia Brodskaya

Artist Statement

Title: Bridging Science & Spirituality

Year: 1973

On his way back to Earth, Apollo 14 astronaut Dr Edgar Mitchell had the profound transformative experience that led him to establish the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) in 1973. The mission of IONS is to reveal the interconnected nature of reality through scientific exploration and personal discovery thus bridging Science and Spirituality. These two ways — of gaining knowledge through scientific exploration and of gaining deep knowing through direct experience have generally remained separate. It is time to bring them together — allowing each to inform one another, weakening neither, but rather strengthening our understanding of reality. Today this mission is more relevant than ever: we have to explore and discover entirely new ways of being and doing that uplift humanity and advance thriving for all.


Yulia Brodskaya is a renowned paper artist redefining & pushing boundaries of traditional Paper Art to preserve and launch its core values into the crypto art universe.

Brodskaya was invited to TIMEPieces by Eiko Ojala. Their work is inspired by the year 1973.

Slices of TIME - 1973
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