The fog of time by Dave Krugman

Artist Statement

Title: The fog of time

Year: 2087

This TIMEPiece propels us forward into 2087, a world awash in light and steam, a futurescape populated by characters that move like ghosts through city streets. New York in the future is a Blade Runner reality, a world of rain, flashes of color, and deep atmosphere. I envision a world where artists are elevated, valued for their contributions of beauty, their efforts to build the visual cortex of our collective consciousness. As network technologies evolve, we are driven deeper into a world of creative ecosystems, a world where we all rise together. We have realized that our sum is greater than our parts, we have walked back from the dark edges of division, and we work to show that at the center of it all, there is love.

@dave_krugman | @dave.krugman

Krugman invited Mike Szpot to TIMEPieces. Their work is inspired by the year 1987.

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