Artist Statement

Title: Thank you for coming! — The World in 2083

Year: 2083

11 tons of plastic are produced per second in the World.

So when I think about 2083, I unfortunately have the feeling that the future will be rather dark.

Thank you for coming! – The World in 2083″ can be both tragic and cynical.

It’s a plastic cup, handed out at the last welcome party, that survives us.

But turtles appeared 200 million years ago. They survived the extinction of the dinosaurs and I hope they survive a lot more.

Sometimes I wonder: is it so bad if we disappear? As long as some Life survives.

Let’s not take the Earth for granted, controllable and exploitable in abundance and let’s take care of our home and the living, before humanity is a distant memory.

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Abramow was invited to TIMEPieces by JR. Their work is inspired by the year 1983.

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