The Road Ahead by Cory Van Lew

Artist Statement

Title: The Road Ahead

Year: 1990

A shadow casted by ignorance, it fades as we move further from the past. For too long women have had to fight to be on a level playing field with man. Shining light on the queens of our world will help bring balance. As the black woman may have one of the hardest journeys, I tapped into one of my favorite muses, “Kilo”. This is me literally shining light on a woman that deserves to have the light shined on her as much as any man in this world.


Cory Van Lew is a Visual artist known for his particular use of bright color, to invoke positivity with good intentions. Pulling from moments of his life, Van Lew uses his “Theory of Transmission” to communicate and create works of art. Since his entry into the NFT community, Cory has taken stronghold as one of the prominent artists in the space, working with celebrities such as Mike Tyson, Jake Paul and Teyana Taylor.

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Van Lew invited Kwame aka DarkMythst to TIMEPieces. Their work is inspired by the year 1990.

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