Video: Afrofuture'her'ism by Kwame aka Dark Mythst

Artist Statement

Title: Afrofuture’her’ism

Year: 2090

Complementary to the term, afrofuturism, she plays a major role in the future of all existence. She is mother, wife, daughter, sister and all that encompasses her divine natural abilities to enhance evolving of mankind. Her blue melanated appearance, influenced by the symbolism and meaning through Cory Van Lew’s perspective of taking the negative aspects of the blues and turning it positive. She almost appears alien-like from another world, but her beauty radiating an invitation of curiosity. She is our future. Without her, mankind falls. She is the future, and paves the way through Afrofuture’her’ism!


Ghanaian-born, California based DarkMythst (aka Kwame Michael) tells a story of myths, tales and fantasy. The self-taught Afrofuturist/Cosmic artist has been honing his skills in both illustration and 3D render, since the beginning of the pandemic. Several years prior, his skills landed him work as a visual effects artists on a number of Marvel and DC films and more. Through his contributions he would gain inspiration from the work that went behind building compelling scenes and effects.

In his work, DarkMythst sculpts and creates characters, animals and environments to bridge a story between African cultures, mythology and science fiction. He explains that he brings royalty and appeal to his Afrocentric characters, being influenced by memories of his grandpa, who was an Ashanti chief and finds the importance of shedding a vibrant light on afro-culture. He utilizes up to 7 softwares in design and uses his concepts to explore techniques new to him as he continues his search for his ‘Light’. DarkMythst, hopes to contribute in popularizing afrofuturism, afrocyberpunk and afrocosmic art through his work and legacy.

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Kwame was invited to TIMEPieces by Cory Van Lew. Their work is inspired by the year 1990.

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