Glacier's Grave by Claire Giordano

Artist Statement

Title: Glacier’s Grave

Year: 2111

Since 1990 the Easton glacier has receded 350 meters (1,150 feet) up the snow-covered flanks of Mt. Baker. When I imagine this place I love decades in the future, I am filled with both deep sadness and hope. It is this mix of emotions that inspired me to paint the mountain with a remnant of glacial ice left at the summit, in the hope that the grave of the Easton as I know it might be the seed for the ice’s return for future generations.

My painting also embodies other impacts of climate change. The beautiful colors of sunset and alpenglow on bare rock are heightened by the presence of wildfire smoke. And, perhaps unexpectedly, the loss of the glacier will also bring the opportunity for new life. Trees and plants will spread into the new areas of sand and rock exposed by the retreating ice, and the higher elevations of the mountain will become a refuge for plant and animal species that depend on cooler temperatures.

This landscape will become a place to remember what was lost, to witness the resilience of nature, and to reflect on the impact we have on our environment.

Watercolor & Gouache on paper

December 2021


Claire Giordano is an environmental artist, writer, and educator creatively exploring the interwoven patterns of people, place, and climate change. At the heart of her work is the goal to create visual and virtual spaces that foster connections between individuals and our warming world. Claire is also the founder of the Adventure Art Academy, where she teaches immersive virtual art classes filmed on her hiking adventures.

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