Artist Statement

Title: Metaverse

Year: 2107

Drippieverse-X-TIMEPieces. Featuring original music by Wobblebug.


Florian is a movie industry veteran and award winning animator and visual artist who has worked on acclaimed hits like Hotel Transylvania 3 & How To Train Your Dragon (Netflix) as well as working with top tier metaverse brands like Genies and RTFKT (Creator Community). Currently he is working full time on two of his own Web 3.0 brands – Drippies ™ & Wobblebug.

@digitalflowercg | @drippieverse | @Wobblebug

Tappeser was invited to TIMEPieces by Carlos Luna James. Their work is inspired by the year 2007.

Slices of TIME - 2007
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