Zipline Drone

Lifesaving Delivery Drones

Second-Generation Zipline

In 2016, Zipline made history by launching the first commercial drone delivery service in the East African nation of Rwanda, expediting the delivery of blood and vital medical supplies to some of the world’s most remote communities. This year, the California-based startup unveiled a new iteration of its fixed-wing craft that can carry up to 3.85 lb. at 80 m.p.h. for up to 100 miles per round-trip, making it the fastest—and most efficient—commercial delivery drone in the world. Zipline also streamlined its launch and recovery process, enabling the second-generation Zips to make 500 deliveries per day from their launching center, up from 50. And while Zipline will continue to serve rural communities in Africa, which now have even quicker, easier access to lifesaving supplies, the startup has other ambitions as well. Zipline recently started testing emergency medical-supply delivery in the U.S. and will start regular service in North Carolina early next year. —Aryn Baker

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