Unbreakable Sheer Pantyhose

‘Unbreakable’ Pantyhose

Sheerly Genius Pantyhose

Pantyhose have long been a staple in women’s dresser drawers, yet they’re so easy to rip and ruin that some fashionistas recommend wearing gloves just to put them on. “It seems ridiculous that all these other crazy technologies are being built but we haven’t solved this super-basic problem,” says Katherine Homuth, whose company, Sheerly Genius, set out about 18 months ago to change that. The result: a line of soft, comfortable pantyhose made of a type of fiber typically used in bulletproof vests and climbing equipment. They’re “basically unbreakable,” says Homuth. At $99 per pair, they’re also considerably more expensive than traditional options. But many women are willing to splurge. Where normal pantyhose may rip after one or two wears, Sheerly Genius’ are meant to last up to 50. —Katy Steinmetz

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