Solar Charged Jacket
Andrew Myers for TIME

A Jacket That Glows in the Dark

Nighttime adrenaline junkies can now glow in the dark, thanks to the Solar Charged Jacket ($350) from Vollebak, a U.K.-based sports-gear startup. The jacket’s phosphorescent membrane absorbs light during the day and releases what Vollebak founder Steve Tidball calls “kryptonite green energy” after sunset. Part of the jacket’s appeal, of course, is novelty: because it can absorb light from almost any source, wearers can, for example, trace patterns on its surface using an iPhone flashlight. But it’s also helpful from a safety standpoint, allowing runners and hikers to be visible after dark. And should something bad happen in a remote area, Tidball adds, “it’s nice to know that rescuers can spot you.” —Sean Gregory

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