Rubbermaid FreshWorks
Andrew Myers for TIME

Keeping Produce Fresh Longer

Rubbermaid FreshWorks

American households waste nearly 200 lb. of fruits and vegetables a year because of spoilage, costing upwards of $100 a year in grocery bills. Housewares company Rubbermaid has a potential solution in its FreshWorks countertop series ($25 for a 2 gal. container). As produce ripens, it consumes oxygen and gives off water and carbon dioxide. Rubbermaid’s containers regulate the flow of all three into and out of the container. Meanwhile, its elevated design reduces moisture buildup underneath food. The result? Tomatoes, avocados, apples and more that can stay fresh for days longer than they would left on a countertop. —Alejandro De La Garza

Correction, November 19:

The Rubbermaid FreshWorks Countertop Series list item misstated one of the fruits that can be stored in the countertop containers. Apples, among other fruits, are recommended to be stored in the containers, not grapes.

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