iRobot Roomba i7
Andrew Myers for TIME

A Vacuum That Empties Itself

iRobot Roomba i7+

Since their emergence in the early 2000s, robotic vacuums have been helping people keep house. But even the most high-end models require users to manually clean them out after each -session—a process that can be both messy and time-consuming. Not so with iRobot’s new Roomba i7+ ($950), which empties itself. While the device is powering up, a separate vacuum inside its base charger sucks the dirt and dust from the Roomba’s innards into a disposable bag—each of which can hold about a month’s worth of gunk. The process, says iRobot CEO Colin Angle, is designed to “free customers from every aspect of vacuuming, from start to finish, for weeks at a time.” And it may well help iRobot continue to beat Wall Street’s earnings expectations, especially as the holiday shopping season looms. —Alex Fitzpatrick

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