Gillette TREO

A Razor Built for Assisted Shaving

Gillette Treo

Most razors are meant to help people shave themselves. So for elderly or disabled individuals who rely on a caregiver, it can be difficult, if not downright painful, when someone else takes over, since the handles and blades aren’t designed for that. Gillette TREO is the first razor built for assisted shaving, especially ideal for men’s faces. Its features include a flexible blade (designed to prevent clogging) and a short, paintbrush-like handle filled with clear shave gel (a substitute for shaving cream, which can get messy). “The act of shaving is more than just removing hair from your face,” says Sushant Trivedi, a manager at Gillette. “It’s about dignity.” The device recently entered its final phase of testing; it’s expected to become commercially available in the near future. —Samantha Cooney

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