peloton at-home bike

The portable fitness class

Since its founding in 2012, Peloton’s at-home workouts have drawn a rabid following. But its approach to fitness has been decidedly luxe: Peloton users must plunk down roughly $2,000 for a stationary bike tricked out with a video screen and Internet connection that lets the rider participate remotely in live and on-demand cycling classes (which cost another $39 a month). Now Peloton is making its virtual-class model more broadly accessible. In June it launched the Peloton Digital app. For just under $20 a month, and with no fancy equipment required, the app offers a slew of at-home workouts, such as bootcamp and strength-training. CEO John Foley believes remote classes have unique appeal—and he isn’t shy about his ambitions. “Jeff Bezos has said he wants to make it irresponsible for people to not have an Amazon Prime membership,” Foley says. “We’re going to make it irresponsible to not have a Peloton membership.” —Jamie Ducharme

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