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Cute Cat Proves It Can Be a Highly Effective On-Off Switch

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Cats are good for many things—cuddles, stress reduction, early morning wake up calls, and potentially helping humans stay healthy as they grow older. Turns out that, in the right circumstances, they also make pretty good on-off switches for desk lamps.

In a video shared by Twitter user @betelgeuse331, their pet cat Natsume is seen perched on a desk patiently waiting for its human to do whatever they are about to do. That’s when the human reaches out and gives the cat a little boop on its snoot. The moment the fingertip gently taps the cat’s nose, the desk lamp turns on. Another soft touch on the nose and the light turned off. A few more taps proved it was not just a coincidence, but a clever new way of turning on the lights while having fun with a furry friend.

Don’t expect this trick to work with every cat or every lamp, though. While Natsume doesn’t have super-conductive powers, according to English language Japanese news site SoraNews24, the kitty’s front paw is resting on the lamp, which apparently works using a “capacitance touch” switch. Those switches operate “by using the body’s ability to conduct electricity. When the switch is touched, the change in charge is registered and the lamp turns on.”

Since the cat’s paw is resting on the switch, when the human touches his nose, it completes the circuit, turning the cat into the cutest little on-off switch ever.

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