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Dolly Parton Challenge Lights Up the Internet and Our Lives With 4 Versions of Everyone’s Best Self

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Depending on the social platform, there is another side of your personality you choose to share with the world.

Of course, it’s perfectly natural to reveal different aspects of your life on Facebook than you would on Instagram and everyone is really just an amalgam of selves depending on the social situation. Having all the fun with the vastly different photos one might present on dating app vs. the proper business mode for LinkedIn, the new hotness is the viral Dolly Parton meme that has become known as the Dolly Parton challenge. The good news? there’s no musical talent required.

It all began when the music icon shared this made-to-be-memed magic.

“Get you a woman who can do it all,” she captioned the post.

The post was a collage of sorts divided into a four-square grid showing who she would choose to share with the world on LinkedIn (sharp suiting prospective employers!) Facebook (a Christmas sweater for the relatives!) Instagram (a strong sense of personal style for all the internet pals!) and finally Tinder (a costume for potential flames!)

Welcome to the Dolly Parton challenge that her fellow famous people were quick to hop on.

There are no shortage of apps and sites that you can use to make your own Dolly Parton challenge meme. For starters, you can look no further than Instagram’s collage feature using the layout button, assuming you’ve downloaded Layout from Instagram. Look no further for the collage templates than sites like Photovisi and Fotor, or free apps like Pic Stitch, Canva and Diptic. Once you’re in the zone, all you need to participate is knowledge of yourself and a wide selection of snapshots.

Kerry Washington and Jennifer Garner look like next-level marketable employees, and Mark Ruffalo certainly seems to have a popping personal life in his Facebook picture. Work hard and play hard out there folks.

Gathered here below, see some of the shining examples of the colors celebrities reveal as they hopscotch around to different social media platforms.

Mark Hamill


Kerry Washington

Janet Jackson

Mark Ruffalo

Mindy Kaling

Jimmy Kimmel

Jennifer Garner

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Padma Lakshmi

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Ben Stiller

Jared Leto

Pewee Herman

Mariah Carey

Viola Davis

Celine Dion

LL Cool J

Nick Kroll

Oprah Winfrey

Mark Ronson

Ellen DeGeneres

Natalie Portman had a bit of fun.

Viola Davis

Cara Delevingne

Will Smith

Miley Cyrus

Angela Kinsey

Paddington Bear

Of course, the Dolly Parton challenge wouldn’t be born for the internet if the cats didn’t come out to play.

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