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Welcome to the New Viral Flex Challenge That Is Indisputably a Flex If Ever There Was One

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Another day, another viral internet challenge for the global citizens of the bizarre world of the internet.

This time, it’s called the “flex challenge,” and boy does it deliver on its name. It’s a very physical viral challenge that’s a little more advanced than most.

@jax_kranitzsomeone please duet this and see if you can get it faster #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #newflexchallenge #challenge #gettingup #viral #trendinf♬ original sound – ashbashuno

It all began with a video shared by Jax Kranitz, a University of Iowa student who does gymnastics and dance. With this move, the subject lies on the floor with their hands linked around their back. From there, participants have to swing their legs around and strand right up. What could be easier?

Despite the flexibility requirements, that hasn’t stopped plenty of people from giving it their all.

Kids are mastering the feat a lot better, it appears. Bless them.

Take a look:

But lots of people have gotten in the game over the weekend as they dared to stretch themselves to the challenge. The originator did not respond to TIME’s request for comment over the weekend.

Those doable challenges like the bottle cap challenge and the mannequin challenge? Well, they just enhance the surprising appeal of this one.

But even if you’re not keen to have a go, the little dance she does with the utmost celebratory vibes is certainly excellent inspiration.

If you’re interested in joining in on the enjoyment (or not) see below.

It was only a matter of time before she upped the ante with a follow-up stunt.

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