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It’s the Battle of Baby Jabba vs. Baby Yoda. Who Deserves to Be the Internet’s Favorite Child?

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Ever since Baby Yoda came onto the scene in November, it has seemed like no other Star Wars character could possibly live up to his level of cuteness. But it’s when you least expect things to happen that it often seems like they’re most likely to.

Cue the entrance of Baby Jabba, a miniature version of galaxy far, far away crime lord Jabba the Hutt that has taken the internet by storm. The image of Baby Jabba making the online rounds was created by Leonardo Viti, a 3D character-development artist in the UK, and features a wide-eyed Hutt child looking snug as a bug (er, slug) in a blanket. Viti posted the original picture in November 2019, but it wasn’t until recently that it went viral and began stirring up debate over whether Baby Jabba could hold his own against Baby Yoda.

In a little over two months, Baby Yoda has inspired countless memes, a variety of baked goods (including a fantastically elaborate pie) and numerous unofficial toy offerings, demonstrating just how ingrained in pop culture he has already become. So how does Baby Jabba compare?

As of now, there has been zero indication that Baby Jabba will ever appear in either The Mandalorian or any other Star Wars property, so his introduction into the galaxy far, far away is purely hypothetical. But that hasn’t stopped Twitter users from making their opinions on the matter known.

“Broke: Baby Yoda,” reads one tweet that has been liked over 15,000 times. “Woke: BABY JABBA, OH MY GOD.”

“Babby Jabba > Baby Yoda,” another simply states.

However, while it’s easy to get hyped up about a fresh new adorable face, it seems important to consider that, unlike Baby Yoda, we don’t know anything about Baby Jabba’s personality. What if he grows up to be just like his slobbering, slave-owning older counterpart in Return of the Jedi!?

Baby Yoda, on the other hand, already seems to be on track to use his Force powers for as much good as his famous Jedi predecessor. Plus, he somehow managed to make slurping soup look adorable, something that no one else in the history of the world has managed to achieve.

And there are many Baby Yoda loyalists who agree.

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