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Here Are Many, Many Cats Reacting Appropriately to Humans Using Cat Filters

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Cats have a reputation for being disinterested and standoffish little furballs who only show their owners affection when its time to fill their dinner bowls. A recent study, though, showed that felines’ unsociable reputation may be undeserved and cats love their human companions as much as dogs do. However cats feel about humans, be it good friend or glorified food dispenser, a new video shows that cats can still be surprised by human behavior.

A video compilation that was posted to Reddit and shared widely on Twitter, including by Priyanka Chopra Jonas, shows what happens when humans use a computer-generated filter to make them look like a cat while they are holding their cat.

In the video, a variety of cats can be seen perched on their humans’ laps. Then they notice the results of the cat filter, which makes it seem like there is a giant cat behind them. The result is a pack of deeply confused kitties who are trying to figure out how they ended up sitting on the lap of a stranger—and not only a human stranger, but a stranger who happens to be a giant cat. The cats either stare at the computer screen and then look up in shock to see if their human friend has transformed into a cat. Or the cat lashes out in shock at the new bigger cat it sees on the screen. In short, the cats all reacted extremely appropriately to the surprise. Just wait until cats can see the musical Cats. Then they will really be in for a shock.

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