December 11, 2019 10:30 AM EST

When it comes to Baby Yoda fandom, the force is strong even among those who have only seen him in action in meme form.

Though he is technically 50 years old, Baby Yoda (or “The Child,” as he’s officially referred to on the show) made his buzzy debut on the new Disney+ series The Mandalorian. He’s in danger thanks to the bounty hunters who want to take him out, but luckily the powerful creature can use the Force — and make some mischief, too.

While his plot points may be complicated, Baby Yoda appreciation is easy. In fact, there’s not a ton of Star Wars knowledge necessary if you want to fall headfirst into Baby Yoda “season.” The big talking point is that this guy is one cute, teeny tiny 50-year-old. Look no further than him whipping around in an egg bassinet and how he makes eyes at his adoring fans. All one needs is the love for an adorable creature who can use the Force and has disproportionate ears. Who wouldn’t be down to jump on that spaceship bandwagon?

Despite Baby Yoda fever, the toys may not be out this year. But fear not. There is fan art, pie art and Baby Yoda memes to engage you. Here, we assemble the best ways to participate with ten suggestions for a Baby Yoda celebration. Enjoy the festivities. A very joyous Baby Yoda holiday season to you all. To the list of Baby Yoda celebration suggestions we go!



Express your Baby Yoda love by baking this pie. It’s holiday-themed.


Costume fun

Grab your pet or offer to pet-sit so you can dress the lucky animal up with a Baby Yoda costume or DIY robe. Close your eyes and imagine it’s this baby Yoda cat lookalike. This feline has an undeniable resemblance to Baby Yoda’s ears, which Twitter user Bella Meza generously shared with the masses.



Get yourself some bone broth from a food delivery app. Sip bone broth and look at Baby Yoda sipping bone broth in the fourth episode. Then look at memes of Baby Yoda sipping tea, and other drinks, minding his business. After that, get into someone else’s business. Like Baby Yoda’s for example.


Baby Yoda memes

Regale everyone at your ugly holiday sweater party with your 170 best Baby Yoda memes. They keep coming! So picking your favorite is difficult.


Make a Baby Yoda meme

Make one of your own Baby Yoda meme by saving a GIF image.



Imagine life B.B.Y. (Before Baby Yoda)

Read this story about the timeline of The Mandalorian and imagine a time before Baby Yoda came waltzing through the doorway of your life.


Baby Yoda holiday songs

Sit back and relax in a bath full of bath salts and bubbles. Light a festive candle. Flip on “Merry Christmas Baby” by Otis Redding or “Santa Baby” by Eartha Kitt. Pretend the shampoo bottle is a microphone. Scream out “Yoda!” every time you hear the word “baby.”


Baby Yoda fan art

Peruse the wealth of Baby Yoda fan art on reddit. Each piece of art is a snowflake like everything Baby Yoda could be thinking at any given moment.


Observe Baby Yoda’s cultural dominance

Be amazed at how much Baby Yoda love has spread and clap your hands every time you hear his name uttered in public.


Free gift giving

Go shopping because it’s the season of giving. But poll your inner circle to ensure they’re on the Baby Yoda bandwagon. If they’re not, be sure to seriously consider what you buy them because if you differ on Baby Yoda, who knows how long the relationship will last. Better yet, create a zine of Baby Yoda and distribute it only to the people who “get it.”

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