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A Baby Yoda Lookalike Exists on Earth and It’s This Cat Named Parmesan. Meet Her Now

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Just because the highly coveted Baby Yoda toys may not be available until after the holiday season, don’t think the internet ran out of content about the breakout star of The Mandalorian.

On Sunday, a Twitter user by the name of Bella Meza posted a picture of her boyfriend’s cat writing, “my boyfriend said “oh my god my cat looks like baby yoda” and I look over, and sure enough.”

The tweet has since been liked more than 101,000 times.

The cat constantly hides in towels which look a lot like Baby Yoda’s robe and her name is Parmesan, says Meza who is based in Phoenix.

It’s encouraging to know that Baby Yoda is here (well, at least his lookalike) in our timeline in petite feline form, because it can be hard surviving out there when you’re bouncing around in your egg-shaped bassinet in a galaxy far, far away. This cat is equally, delightfully, undeniably adorable and extremely babyish.

While it’s not the pea green, black-eyed creature Mandalorian fans have come to love, Parmesan’s real highlight is the proportion of her ears. Those are right on.

Baby yoda cat lookalike
Courtesy of Bella Meza and Matt Mele

“Her ears are always pointing to the side when she’s in hunting mode, which is often. She loves to play,” Meza said. One thing’s for sure: it is safely out of harm’s way from bounty hunters, so long as it keeps hiding in those towels.

Meza was playing Nintendo Switch with her boyfriend Matt when it dawned on them “Parm looks like baby Yoda. I looked at her and busted out laughing and took a picture as quick as I could,” she said. Matt got Parmesan in July after a friend of theirs had a litter of kittens that needed homes.

The Star Wars fandom doesn’t mess around. After all, this is group whose members put down “Jedi” on the Census.

Baby Yoda cat lookalike interview
Baby Yoda cat lookalike Parmesan's eyes glowingCourtesy of Bella Meza

While the couple hasn’t sat down for The Mandalorian just yet, they still fell in love with all of the Baby Yoda memes, like the rest of the people dwelling on the galaxy of the internet.

Until they catch up on the show, at least they have a Baby Yoda doppelgänger of their very own.

Of course, people were eager to share Baby Yoda ear moments from their pets’ lives too.

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