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Hey, Look at Them! See Paul Rudd Interview Himself in This Sweet Spoof of That Viral Meme

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Paul Rudd finally got the opportunity to sit down with himself in a new video posted to YouTube Sunday.

When it comes to viral moments that stood out this year, Paul Rudd’s Hot Ones interview with Sean Evans ranks high. But this new video riffing on it has enormous replay value.

In the spirit of Rudd’s Netflix series Living With Yourself starring Rudd as Miles, a man who gets cloned — this new video imagines what it would be like if Rudd finally got the chance to sit down for a chat with himself.

What this videomaker has done so brilliantly with the video of Rudd eating hotter and hotter wings was just cede all the power to the Ruddiness of it all, and have two Rudd’s charming each other. It has garnered more than 8,000 views since its Sunday posting and received nearly 100,000 upvotes on reddit.

Not only does he stump himself with the tough questions, he has the finest display of mutual admiration.

Of course, the original Hot Ones clip was one of the most wide-reaching moments lately, helped along by his “hey, look at us” meme moment that was replicated endlessly. “In its way, this meme embodies the warmest, fuzziest sides of internet virality, when we can all band together to appreciate something pleasant,” Raisa Bruner put it in TIME’s best memes of 2019 list.

And this video has that bit, but it only gets more enjoyable with every repetition.

Go ahead and enjoy it below and revel in the Rudd.

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