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Cinderblock the Cat’s Workout Level Intensity Is Basically Zero and People Are Just Lapping It Up

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Occasionally the Internet exists for communication purposes when it’s not serving its true purpose: a platform on which to spread masterpiece cat videos, and this latest, greatest viral video of Cinderblock the Cat stands out.

Cinderblock, a cat on the more voluptuous side of the cat size range clocks in at 25 pounds, but is on a “weight loss journey,” per Northshore Veterinary Hospital in Bellingham, Washington, which recently shared her progress with the world.

That should explain why she uses just one valiant paw to move her way on a treadmill for her first time on the machine. Exercising the minimum quantity of effort is a lifestyle, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that she’s already an aspirational celebrity. Over the weekend, she became the toast of Reddit where people are ravenous for updates.

No one can shift their focus from regal Cinderblock, affectionately dubbed Cinderblock the fat cat just sitting pretty on the treadmill and avoiding anything that requires too much effort of her.

“You working out?,” a vet asks in one of the videos documenting the action as Cinderblock gets fit. To say the least of it, Cinderblock proceeds to do the absolute least.

“This fabulous feline is obese, and it is affecting her quality of life,” the hospital wrote in its Instagram caption. “We are helping her achieve weight loss through a prescription diet and exercise. She is not on board with the exercise 😂.”

Thousands have hopped on board with her to tune of more than five million views of the original one-paw fitness routine video. There are of course people urging her on her mission. But there’s also a vocal camp who are very much here for her attitude toward “trying.”

Cinderblock’s former owner originally brought her to Northshore Veterinary Hospital to be euthanized because they were unable to care for her, but Brita Kiffney, the hospital’s medical director, told CNN she couldn’t do it, so asked they agreed she’d stay at the vet to get the care she needed. She is “morbidly obese, due to overfeeding by the father,” Kiffney explained.

But the team is working on that with all kinds of exercises.

Pop on Cinderblock videos and let her strength be your strength. Follow along as she keeps her fans abreast of all of the Cinderblock updates.

No small success goes without celebration.

“Cinder in action. She may not be running around but she is moving a couple of feet in the right direction,” the hosiptal shared.

“By scattering the kibble we encouraged her to move around the room. This does also increase her exercise albeit not dramatically. Every little bit helps,” the hospital captioned this post.

And here are the Cinderblock memes.

Halloween even got into the Halloween spirit with a kooky hat. This cat’s heroics are endless.

The latest: the cat weighed in and appeared to try to cheat to appear lighter. Remember, it’s a journey Cinderblock.

The North Shore Veterinary Hospital did not immediately respond to TIME’s request for comment on this story.

Kiffney’s GoFundMe page aimed at raising funds to expand their services to a number of non-profit partners like Brigadoon Service Dogs, Whatcom Humane Society, Alternative Humane Society, Old Dog Haven, Project Homeless, and Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Survivors with the cat as its mascot has thus far raised $1,454.

Stardom can be draining, as we can see as of Wednesday morning.

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