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Revengeful Cat Pushes Fellow Feline Into a Pool in the Pettiest of Cat Fights Captured in This Surveillance Video

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Cats are animals revered for their ability to be coolly aloof in all situations, something that was on full and unapologetic display for a pair of cats that got into a hilariously petty (and one-sided) cat fight.

In a surveillance video clip shared by the cats’ owners on Twitter, the two cats can be seen lounging by the side of a pool. The first cat sits serenely looking at the water, while the other one sneaks stealthily behind it before charging its fellow feline, pushing them into the water with a quick and decisive nudge. A following tweet revealed that the push into the water was not an isolated incident, but calculated revenge; in another video clip, the cat that was pushed into the water appears to nibble on the other cat before shooing them away from a table space where they are lounging.

See these playful kitties get their licks in below.

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