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It’s the season for the most dedicated among us to bring extra levels of excellence to Halloween costumes this year — like this man who scored big by playing the holiday in a very high-key way.

That is none other than one Kilgore sophomore baseball player named Ren Reynolds who raced across the field as Forrest Gump in Tyler, Texas on Wednesday. And the internet noticed. Boy did it notice.

He commits. His moves hew very close to the relentless spirit and style of the titular character of the iconic film as is evident in this viral video that has understandably racked up more than 7 million views since its original posting from the game.

“Highlight of the baseball Halloween game! Run, Forrest. Run!!!” the team account captioned the clip of the Forrest Gump baseball moment.

He hits the ball, races to first base and then, in a not totally unpredictable turn of events, he just keeps on running until he comes to fence and leaps right over.

The team uploaded a video of him in character, and the recognition was immediate so he got big laughs. But the antics didn’t stop there.

On top of that, his teammate Tre Erwin went as an inflatable dinosaur, and wasn’t that much less mobile.

Tyler Junior College has played an annual Halloween game for several years, so it wasn’t a surprise to see people with a true penchant for Halloween stunts upping their game. But it’s safe to say they may have outdone themselves this year.

It’s like Forrest’s mamma never said, life is like a box of chocolates, but with this guy you pretty much know what you’re getting as soon as he steps up to plate.

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