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Self-Driving Garbage Can Inspires a Lot of Jokes Worth Treasuring

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Helen of Troy famously had a face that launched a thousand ships. Now, a video of a self-driving garbage can taking itself to the curb is the GIF that has inspired a thousand jokes.

It all started when tech news outlet Gizmodotweeted out a story about a new innovation in trash—the SmartCan. According to the company’s website, “SmartCan eliminates the need to take a homeowner’s garbage can to the curb by providing a plug-and-play motorized trashcan attachment and mobile application.” Basically, it’s a trash can that takes itself to the curb on trash day. To showcase its value, the company even released a video showing the robotic garbage can taking itself out, a clip of which Gizmodo shared in its tweet.

While this robot may not take anyone’s job any time soon, the short clip of a self-propelling trash bin was enough to spark a meme as Twitter users caught sight of the self-powered garbage. Some are using it as the new go-to reply meme, others are taking the opportunity to be self-deprecating, others are making political jokes, and the best are using the image to mock their chosen sports team and movies.

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