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Extraterrestrial Enthusiast Trains to Free Aliens From Area 51 With the Essential Workout Routine

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In the wake of over 1.5 million people signing a Facebook petition pledging to invade Area 51, the U.S. Air Force has warned that any attempt to illegally access the site is “highly discouraged.” But that hasn’t stopped one extraterrestrial enthusiast from whipping up a training regimen designed to get his clients in shape for the Sept. 20 raid on the highly-classified military base.

In a video that has since gone viral, personal trainer Don Saladino can be seen putting his client Guy Blelloch through the alien-freeing paces. The out-of-this-world workout routine includes carrying an alien over hurdles to get it to its spaceship, running on the treadmill with an alien on your back, and resisting the alien’s attempts at mind-control — something that Blelloch clearly struggled with.

“He’s not the hero the aliens deserve, but the one they need right now,” Blelloch commented on the video.

“This style of training is untouchable,” added Saladino, endorsing his otherworldly take on a training regimen.

Watch the Area 51 raid training video below.

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