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Great News, Internet. It Looks Like Justin Bieber Knows How to Eat a Burrito After All

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The truth behind the photo of a guy on a bench eating a burrito sideways that the internet guessed was Justin Bieber has been revealed — and it’s good news for Beliebers.

It’s definitely not him.

In fact, a company called Yes Theory took credit for hiring a man who identifies himself as Brad Sousa, a Justin Bieber doppelgänger, and staging various engineered-to-go-viral scenarios after flying him out to L.A.

And while everyone was not convinced by the stunt….

It still worked, as headlines about the man’s alternative approach to the rice-stuffed staple arrived and enemy lines were drawn.

The lookalike’s face was somewhat obscured by the real matter at hand: the food item, and how it was handled.

So after surfacing on Reddit, the photo of the “imposter” in a beanie digging into some kind of wrap turned the internet into a house divided over the right way to eat a burrito.

The internet and the media alike had a message to deliver to an innocent guy on a bench enjoying some food: you’re doing it wrong.

Because the subject of the photo deigned to take a healthy bite from the middle section of the delicacy that may or may not be a burrito, the backlash was swift.

People felt extremely strongly that this guy has it all wrong when it comes to enjoying whatever it was that he was eating.

One Twitter user wrote, “Justin Bieber thinks burritos are harmonicas.”

A few defenders did stand up for occasions when things fall apart, and you need to get a little animalistic with it.

But people really just wanted to be outraged at the move.

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