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Enjoy your free trial and get 33% Off now. Sweat is home to over 50 unique training programs and more than 13,000 workouts designed by women, for women.

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Valid until 12/31/2024
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Star saving and working out today with our yearly plan with an annual fee of just $119.94. Check out our amazing variety of programs and let your fitness journey begin now!

Valid until 12/31/2024
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For only $19.99 per month access our monthly plan and choose a program that aligns with your goals and lifestyle preferences. Automatically renews until you cancel.

Valid until 12/31/2024
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Katie Martin’s Strength & Pilates Program: try it for free

Katie Martin's Strength & Pilates program was designed to help you improve muscular control and strength while working on your deep core muscles.

Valid until 12/31/2024
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Express Workout program for free

If you're low on time but looking for a strength program, Kelsey Wells’ PWR Express program is the perfect choice! Efficient with just three 20-minute workouts each week!

Valid until 12/31/2024
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Enjoy the 7 days Free trial at Sweat

With every Sweat plan, you get a 7-day Free trial. No down payment is needed, and charges will apply only if you don't cancel before the trial ends.

Valid until 12/31/2024
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We can help you find the best Sweat Program for your goals

Take a look at our comprehensive guide to the Sweat programs and pick the one that fits your fitness goals and lifestyle the most!

Valid until 12/31/2024
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Check out how to get the most out of the sweat app

The Sweat app is loaded with useful features to assist you towards your goals and incorporate exercise into your life, no matter where you are on your individual journey

Valid until 12/31/2024
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How To Start Working Out: check out the Beginner's Guide

Ready to start your fitness journey and experience exercise benefits? This guide helps establish exercise as a habit and addresses pre-workout questions.

Valid until 12/31/2024
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Is there a Sweat Discount Code available this July?

Yes, this July 2024, we have tested and verified 9 Sweat Discount Codes.

Can I use a Sweat Promo Code to get the Sweat app free?

Yes, you can use a Sweat Promo Code to get the Sweat App free. However, at this moment we don’t have such a code available. We do update the Sweat Discount Codes on a daily basis, so come back to check our newest codes.

How much is the Sweat app?

The standard version of the Sweat App costs $19,99 a month. But with one of our Sweat Promo Codes you can lower your monthly subscription fee or get a period for free.

Can I use multiple Sweat Discount Codes?

No, you can only use one Sweat Discount Code per order.

How do I find a Sweat coupon Code?

There are several ways to find a Sweat coupon Code. Here are some options that you can try:

  • Check the Sweat Promo Codes here on
  • Subscribe to the newsletter and get new deals directly in you inbox
  • Follow the social channels and keep up to date with new Sweat Discount Codes

Is there a Sweat student discount?

No, at the moment there is no Sweat student discount available. However, we do have 9 Sweat Discount Codes ready for you to use.

How to get Sweat App 3 months free?

Check if there is a Sweat Promo Code that will give you access to 3 months free for the Sweat App.

About Sweat and Sweat coupons

We have several Sweat coupons ready for you to use. Some will give you a discount, while others will give you access to free goodies or extras. Sweat is a fitness app for women. It comes with workout plans, fitness challenges, meal plans and more to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Using one of our Sweat Promo Codes can help you reduce your monthly subscription fee.

The most popular Sweat Promo Codes have been:

  • Sweat Discount Code: 14 day free trial + 10% off
  • Sweat free 7 day trial

Sweat App

You can download the Sweat App on your mobile phone. Once you have created an account, you can start using all the features. The most used features of the Sweat App are the hydration tracker, workout plans and the meal plans. Don’t forget to use a Sweat Discount Code to save on your next purchase.

Expired promo codes for Sweat

Save 33% off instructional videos and how-to guides from Sweat

Commit to your wellness journey with Sweat and save 33% on annual subscriptions and master every movement from burpees to barbell squats.

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Join the Sweat Challenge in January 2024

New year, new you: Sweat Challenge launches January 8th. 42 days to unleash your potential, move your body, connect with an amazing community. Don't miss out! Sign up now & get sneak peeks of the brand-new programs.

Valid until 04/02/2024
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Pay $1 for the first two months at Sweat

Start your fitness journey in 2024 with Sweat's incredible New Year Offer: access over 50 programs and thousands of workouts for the first two months at just $1, with a subsequent monthly fee of $14.99.

Valid until 01/29/2024
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Enjoy a lifetime 50% discount on your monthly plan at Sweat

Seize the opportunity for a lifetime of fitness at half the price with Sweat's 50% Off monthly subscription. Exercise without limits, no equipment required. Your fitness, your choice. Sweat Trainers provide guidance through personalized programs. Schedule workouts and track progress effortlessly.

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Up to 50% off + 7 day free trial at Sweat’s Cyber Sale

Achieve your fitness goals with Sweat's biggest sale of the year. Get up to 50% off monthly subscriptions and a 7-day free trial. It's time to make fitness work for you.

Valid until 11/22/2023
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