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Meet the Team at TIME Coupons

Find Out More About Our Team Members

Our Coupon Team

At TIME, we aim to provide captivating content on news, culture, lifestyle and other topics. We also strive to enhance our readers' experience by offering relevant coupons to help them save money. That’s why we've partnered with Savings United, a leading global figure in the couponing industry with over a decade of experience, to introduce Coupons.

Our team is committed to helping our readers find the best deals and offers available. With TIME reader's interests at the core of our efforts, we carefully select verified coupons and promo codes from top brands. Working across various sectors, we ensure each coupon is thoroughly checked for a hassle-free shopping experience. Additionally, we regularly monitor every offer by hand to ensure reliability.

Learn more about our team and how we make sure you have access to all the best deals and offers. 

Our quality supervisor

As a part of the TIME Commerce team, our quality supervisor plays a vital role in ensuring that TIME's quality standards are upheld on our coupon pages. They oversee the content created by our content managers and ensure it’s relevant and provides value to TIME's readers.

To help our audience get the best deals, our quality supervisor carefully reviews each coupon and hand-picks the ones they believe are the most valuable to our audience. These carefully selected coupons can be found on some of our pages across our platform. Look for “Recommended by TIME” to see which offers our quality supervisor has picked. 

Our content managers

Our content managers specialize in distinct categories to ensure you find the best deals, no matter what you’re looking for. Each manager conducts thorough research within their specialty to bring you the latest deals. 

Every piece of content undergoes rigorous self-quality control to uphold TIME's standards. Additionally, each coupon, offer, and deal is manually verified by hand on a regular basis to check that it's current and works properly.