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Is my Only One donation tax-deductible?

There are a few ways to make the most of your Prime membership: take full advantage of your 30-day free trial, and if you're a student, you're eligible for a full 6 months of Prime for free. While you can't use any coupons to save on your overall subscription, once you become a member, you'll unlock tons of exclusive sales, daily deals, and promo codes.

Where do the Only One donations go?

Evert cent of the funds from the membership plans and fundraising challenges go to locally-rooted ocean and climate projects on the ground. For donations made through the general donation page, they fund the ongoing critical ocean advocacy campaigns, creating media campaigns that can spark change and the overall operation of the small, dedicated team of Only One. Every expense is audited and you can learn more about the financials by visiting the transparency page.

What are the plans in Only One?

Making an impact on the planet is now easier with the affordable monthly plans that you can avail of at Only One. Each plan is designed to help individuals support sustainable solutions for the environment especially those who can’t give their time and presence. Each plan comes with a free digital subscription to Oceanographic Magazine and access to Ocean Hub! Sign up today and get your first month for free.

  • Starter: For as low as $9/month, your monthly impact will be planting 10 trees, and 1 coral, and the removal of 2kg of plastic waste.
  • Steward: For only $23/month your monthly impact will be planting 20 trees, and 2 corals, removal of 3kg of plastic waste, and 0.3 t of carbon reduced.
  • Hero: For as low as $48/month, your monthly impact will be planting 50 trees, and 3 corals, removal of 4kg of plastic waste, and 1 t of carbon reduced.
  • Legend: For only $98/month, your monthly impact will be planting 100 trees, and 6 corals, removal of 10kg of plastic waste, and 2 t of carbon reduced.

How to support Living Gaia e.V.?

Join Living Gaia e.V. with their programs from the Huni Kuin people as well as the Brazilian Amazon Forest by donating! Any amount will create a huge impact on the ongoing projects of Living Gaia e.V. such as the Women’s Projects or the Amazon Conservation Project. You can specify the project that you want to support by adding it in the “Your message to us” text box.

How to donate to Living Gaia e.V.?

Sending support to Living Gaia e.V. is easy, you can start by visiting this page. Step one, enter the amount that you’re planning to donate. Step two, choose the frequency of your donation – monthly, yearly, half-yearly, or one-time. Keep in mind that any amount will go a long way and if you’re choosing a recurring donation, you can cancel it anytime just in case you have a change of heart. If you have a particular project that you want to support, you can type it in the “Your message to us” box or you can add your short message of appreciation and support for the Living Gaia e.V. team. Tick the box to receive to Living Gaia e.V. newsletter and to find out more about the upcoming projects. Enter your contact details and click donate now which will direct you to a secure page for your payment options.

What are the other ways to donate in Only One?

If you want to help Only One in funding projects for the planet but are not yet ready to commit to the monthly plans, you can still create an impact with the following options.

  • Direct donation – You can get in touch with the Only One team by sending an email to for information on how you can send checks and wire transfers, or if you have a preferred way to donate. Rest assured, all gifts are maximised in a project that it’s best aligned with.
  • Brand partnership – Empower your business by investing in the future of the planet. You can create an impact using your brand by building a partnership with Only One. Learn more about this by reaching out to
  • Give the gift of trees – Make your holiday, birthday, or special event gifts impactful by giving the gift of trees. For as low as $5, you can have 25 mangrove trees planted under your name and your loved ones' names. You can also customise the amount according to your budget. Visit Only One today and join the fight for the ocean and wildlife with mangrove planting.