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Luciele Freitas de Almeida avatar

Luciele Freitas de Almeida

Digital Marketing & Cosmetics Coupon Specialist

Luciele is an editor with a passion for writing who specializes in cosmetics and skin care. She combines her knowledge and editorial skills to provide TIME readers top-notch offers and verified coupons to save them money and time when shopping online. Luciele guarantees the authenticity of every coupon code by physically testing each one and regularly checks that all offers are still valid and up-to-date.

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Tell Us More About Yourself, Luciele

I am an experienced professional in the field of digital marketing. I have worked on a variety of topics and have specialized knowledge about different market segments. Apart from my work, I love to travel and take care of my pet cats at home. These moments of relaxation help me recharge and balance my personal and professional life.

What Do You Like Most About Your Category of Expertise?

I have a deep passion for cosmetics and skin care products. This passion has been developed through my experience living in various places around the world, including big cities, beach towns, and the countryside. These experiences have made me more conscious of the diverse needs and preferences people have when it comes to beauty, as well as different needs for my own skin and hair. As a result, I have become a trusted source of recommendations and insights on various brands among my friends.

What Are Your Favorite Shops When It Comes To Online Shopping?

When I want to buy high-quality makeup and skincare products online, I always check out Sephora. They have a huge selection of great brands and products. 

If I'm looking for health and wellness products, I go to Vitacost. They offer a wide variety of natural supplements, vitamins and other wellness products. 

For fashionable clothing, I love to shop at Michael Kors. Their Outlet offers great value, and their Pre-loved marketplace lets you buy and sell pre-owned clothes. 

When I'm planning a trip, I always use to find the best places to stay. They have a wide range of accommodations to choose from, and I've had some really memorable experiences booking through them.

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