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Hunter Johnson

Content Manager & Online Services and Electronics Coupon Specialist

Hunter is a content editor with a specialization in electronics and digital services. He takes his passion for both writing and smart shopping and combines it with his proficiency in tech and e-services to provide quality assurance for this page. He works to ensure that TIME readers only get verified coupons and the best offers available. In order to guarantee this, Hunter verifies every promo code by manually checking it. He also frequently refreshes offers to ensure only the best deals are highlighted.

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Tell Us More About Yourself, Hunter

As an editor and writer, I have written for a variety of topics ranging from travel to gaming and beyond. I always had a soft spot for the latest tech and can’t help but read about all the newest releases and exciting new gadgets. It’s a joy being able to share my love for all things tech with shoppers looking to save. 

What Do You Like Most About Your Category of Expertise?

Technology and gadgets can be some of the coolest things around. From amazing new smartphones to incredible new camera equipment and beyond, there is always something exciting happening in these fields. Finding great deals on all this fun stuff is always a joy.

I always have some music on and unwind after a long day with a great movie on some streaming service or another so Eservices are a natural fit. I also enjoy learning about how these services make our world work like with websites, cloud networks, and especially online shopping. 

What Are Your Favorite Websites?

Max: My favorite streaming service has to be Max. From the really gripping original series and some of the most iconic classics around, I always find myself enjoying something good from Max. Serious highlights recently have been White Lotus and The Last of Us.

Newegg: I have a long history of building computers and tinkering with electronics of all sorts so Newegg has been a staple of mine for a long time. I’m searching here often for PC parts, monitors, laptops, and so much more. 

Vividseats: Who doesn’t love a good show? Vividseats gets me tickets to some of my favorite artists when they come into town and I’ve been shopping with them for a while. Noah Kahan and Glass Animals were some recent shows that I personally couldn’t get enough of.

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