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Azucena García Carpintero

Content Manager & Travel Coupon Specialist

Azucena is an experienced writer and editor with a passion for travel. She brings her expertise in editorial work to her knowledge of all things vacation and brings quality coupons to TIME readers. She vets and verifies this page to make sure readers get the best offers and working coupons. Azucena's vetting process entails manually clicking on every code to confirm it works and frequently reviewing every offer to guarantee only active deals are being featured.

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Tell Us More About Yourself, Azucena

I try to get the most out of this messy life, with 'you only live once' as my mantra. For me, that means running in nature, enjoying a good concert, having a great meal, a warm cup of coffee, and, of course, a good glass of wine. I’m Spanish; that must be part of my DNA.

Traveling has always been my passion. I’ve spent all the money that I could save visiting different countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, and America. I’ve worked for a winery in Ribera del Duero, I’ve seen the Northern Lights of Iceland, driven a car in the Scottish Highlands, I had the best dinner of my life in Cordoba, and the fanciest in Menton. I got lost in Montmartre with my best friend and had the funniest Sunday in Mauerpark.

I’m quite sure I had the Stendhal syndrome when I visited Florence and I swear I cried in the Cambodian temple of Angkor Wat. I was absolutely shocked when I saw the Grand Canyon with my own eyes after watching it in all those movies. I also found myself tearing up as I beheld the sunset atop Mount Etna and the sunrise from the top of Mount Fuji (after eight hours of hiking in the dark).

What Do You Like Most About Your Category of Expertise?

Working at Time Coupons in the Vacation category gives me the chance to stay connected to my main passion and to facilitate others to explore the world, disconnect from their routines, and have fun. This project makes traveling much more accessible, offering affordable prices in high-quality accommodations, and great rates on all the services you could need when you’re on vacation, like car rentals or tickets for musicals, theater, or concerts. I’m glad to be part of that!

What Are Your Favorite Websites?

Priceline: If I had to book a full travel package in the US, I’d definitely choose Priceline. Why am I so sure? Well, because of the great discounts that you can find when you bundle hotels, flights, and extras like car rentals, and also because of their outstanding customer service.

Iberostar: Of course, I’m going to recommend a Spanish hotel chain! But not only because of my roots; it’s also because these hotels and resorts are, above all, reliable. I’ve stayed in Iberostar hotels in different locations and always had an amazing experience, no matter the city or the country. Good rooms, great service, and good food. Everything that you need when you’re traveling. Almost all the hotels and apartments in the world are on I’ve used it to make reservations in 1-star hostels and 5-star resorts. Of course, you seek different things when you’re improvising a road trip with your friends in your 20s than when you’re organizing